Science Communications Infographic Competition

What good is research if it can’t be applied? What good is applicable research if nobody understands it? The ability to communicate your niche field of expertise to the general public is a critical skill to develop. This competition offers a unique opportunity to bring out your inner designer and show off your Sci-Comm skills, advertise your field and potentially win a prize in the process. What have you got to lose?!

We’re calling on registrants to submit an infographic to educate the lay community on the translational value of their area of research, highlighting the bigger picture behind the everyday work. The best infographics submitted by the deadline will be shortlisted, and finalists will be displayed throughout the Symposium. Submitted infographics should be in poster format – size and dimensions can be flexible, but must be of standard printable dimensions (eg A1, B1, A0).

How can I apply?

Submissions must be made via the Infographic Competition Registration link by October 27th. Each participant may submit up to two infographics. Please submit your infographic(s) in pdf form. If your infographic is shortlisted, printing and installation for exhibition will be done for you, and you can take your infographic home with you after the conference. Make sure you also register for the Symposium and the Dinner!

Unlike a research poster, the goal of these infographics is not to present your research, but to inform the general public about the ‘Why’ behind your work; the biological or environmental issue you are tackling. Remember who your target audience is: impact over detail and simple stories will be your friend. This is your opportunity to tell the world why your work matters – go wild and get creative!